An Interesting Phenomenon

I’ve been out of the woods, so to speak, for quite a few months now, and it just gets better and better!  
This is the year when all of my classmates and I from the class of ’70 turn 64, so when I wish them a happy birthday on facebook I add a link to the Beatles’ song, When I’m 64.  And of course I sing along with it, and then that got me to listening to old Beatles songs and lots of music from my era.
Serendipitiously, I discovered a powerful way to consciously experience the feeling – the right now beingness – of freedom before I even knew that I’d ever not have it, if you get what I mean.  So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to the music I listened to before I was ever addicted, and it is really wonderful.  
Give this a try.  Find music that you heard back before you were ever addicted, and listen to it.  There’s something deep inside that hears that music and knows you – the real you without any of the bullshit.  Have a great day. 🙂

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