An Interesting Phenomenon

I’ve been out of the woods, so to speak, for quite a few months now, and it just gets better and better!  
This is the year when all of my classmates and I from the class of ’70 turn 64, so when I wish them a happy birthday on facebook I add a link to the Beatles’ song, When I’m 64.  And of course I sing along with it, and then that got me to listening to old Beatles songs and lots of music from my era.
Serendipitiously, I discovered a powerful way to consciously experience the feeling – the right now beingness – of freedom before I even knew that I’d ever not have it, if you get what I mean.  So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to the music I listened to before I was ever addicted, and it is really wonderful.  
Give this a try.  Find music that you heard back before you were ever addicted, and listen to it.  There’s something deep inside that hears that music and knows you – the real you without any of the bullshit.  Have a great day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Interesting Phenomenon

  1. You totally made it click for me. I’ve made the choice to be AF after reading Annie Grace. I’ve found myself listening to 90’s alternative music constantly! That was the music of the happiest times of my life! Hell, I know every single word… definitely not something I’d remember if I was drunk! That music reminds me of the FREE me and all the fun I had. So I say…turn up the volume and rock out!!!

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