Going Out

Last night I went out to a joint birthday party of two friends from a family I’ve known all of my life. It was held in a bar. My hubby had to work, so he stayed home. Before I left the house, I thought about what I’d order at the bar: Nice glass, bitters and soda on the rocks with a splash of tonic. It was perfect.

My friend’s 90-year old dad and I talked about my not drinking. He said he still drinks a couple every night; he’s all set with his addiction. He’s a musician who has lived that life and will continue to. He’s fortunate to have family around to take him places. He even got up onstage and played the drums for one tune. Amazingly, that conversation did not excite the beast one tiny bit!

I’d been to a bunch of functions over the past year plus, but this was a little different. I was completely comfortable with my choice of beverage, and I was completely comfortable not drinking and talking about it if questioned.

At one point, an old friend who was getting ready to take the stage with his saxophone said, “You’re not drinking, right?”
And I said, “Yes, and I’ve never been happier.”
He nodded approvingly and asked how I did it, and I told him to go to my website and read my blog. 🙂 Then he empties his glass of wine in a few big swallows, and says, “Liquid courage,” and heads for the stage. It was clear to me by the way he spoke, that he might very much like to stop.

I want those of you who are just starting your ethanol-free life know that it really does get easier. You don’t have to be drunk to dance. When you are clear, you are more connected and included than ever. I find I am less judgmental, less snarky overall. When I was driving home, I was just thrilled that I had gone out, had fun, and was now driving late at night with all of my faculties operating at peak performance. After I got home and laid my head on the pillow, I was just so happy that I had been able to go out, have a blast, be totally coherent and present, really enjoy people; see people get inebriated, and just be!

So many times in the past, when I’d write down my goals and wishes, my biggest was to just be. I’d often say to myself, “Why can’t I just be?”

Well, guess what? I am, I just am being. And it took getting clear of ethanol for me to just be.

And a couple of drinks cost me a mere $6 including tip!  Enjoy this life, and just be!

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