A practice to help ensure freedom

Delinquent blogger that I am, as I’ve yet to complete my 2nd “anniversary” blog, I think it’s important, especially as the holidays near, to get straight about one factor that greatly increases your likelihood of success, not just with freedom from addiction, but for success in all aspects of life. Whew, what a sentence!

And that piece is, however fluffy sounding, Gratitude. A big part of my joy and satisfaction becomes ultra-evident when I take my daily run (or walk if I don’t feel like running). After stretching mid run, I might sit on a rock for 10 minutes and meditate, and when I get up and resume my trek, I usually find myself exclaiming, “How lucky am I!” and I list the things I am thankful for, and the list is amazingly long. I’m even grateful for stuff most people would despise, because I know the value of lessons learned. Even when I am depressed, I still pull those ideas out like the good medicine they are.

Give it a try. List off ALL of the stuff you are thankful for. Here’s an abridged version of what passes through my mind and lips as I run the beach, or sit quietly on a rainy day. I usually just exclaim, “How lucky am I!” and then start reeling off my list:

this old body that still works so well
these great joints that help me walk and run
this crisp clean air I breathe
these good lungs that breathe
this sunshine that uplifts me
this beautiful beach
my warm home
awesome husband
my imagination
my creativity
my skills
my kids
my grandchildren
my students
my family (then I name a bunch of names)
mean family member who I cut loose for lessons learned about attaining freedom
my friends (names)
this beautiful place where I live
my good skin and hair
such abundance of good food
my ability to help others
these awesome synchronicities that keep happening
my power
Wow, I’ve done it, I’m addiction-free!
How lucky am I?!

Here’s to your freedom and clarity this holiday season.

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