10th Annual Student Show Update

Getting ready for the show opening May 18, 5-7:00, and runs through June 1 at Bramhall’s Country Store

This is the 10th Annual Show and auction! I am very excited.

The postcards are in. They look great. We have 100 postcards and 28 students exhibiting, so each kid can get 3 postcards to impress their friends, teachers and family. 🙂
Pick them up at class or email me, and I’ll put them in the milk box so you can pick them up at your leisure.

THE AUCTION items look great! I’ll be framing them up and making the bid sheets. Hopefully we’ll raise lots of money for the Pine Barrens Alliance. Thanks to all of the artists who donated a piece. Now I have to make my painting.

I need the title/price information for the artworks now so I can move forward with the programs and tags. Please look at the list below and fill in the blanks.  Bramhall’s gets 10% of any sales.
Please deliver the artworks framed and ready to hang (Dollar store document frames are perfect.) to me on or before May 12.

PARTY PLANNING for May 18, 5-7:00
Jim and I get pizzas delivered. I’ll bring a bunch of napkins, plates, cups,and utensils. Bramhall’s provides complimentary beer and wine (we’ll put a donation jar out to help them defray the cost). It would be great if families brought finger foods, kids drinks/water, and desserts. So far these parents have signed up to bring something:
Shatane Sexton (Kyla’s mom) – veggie dip
Cleland – cupcakes
Whipple – little waters
McDevitt – juice/water
Cassidy – fruit platter
McLeod – finger sandwiches

Others may have mentioned it, but I didn’t write it down.

CHECK THE LIST – I need the info ASAP

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