10th Annual Student Show

Check the list!

If you or your artist have had any lessons with me in the past year, you are welcome to exhibit in this awesome event. And EVERYONE is welcome to join us for the opening and visit the exhibit while it’s up.
The annual show is a great way for young artists to get a taste of what it’s like to be professional. Kids are encouraged to sell their work. Bramhall’s get’s 10% of the sales.
Many of the kids have told me they are participating, but I need confirmation from the parents. Below, please find the list of students I have so far. If your name is on the list, please confirm that you’ll be participating or not, or if I missed someone, please let me know by April 7 so I can commence with the postcard-making.  Even if the kid isn’t taking lessons right now, or only  came a few times, he/she is still welcome to show work done with me over the past year. Please see the updated timeline below.

Encourage the kids to give their paintings creative and unique titles. All you need to do is to let me know the title and price or NFS of the piece that will be shown, frame it for hanging (dollar store document frames are perfect), and deliver it to me by May 12. I’ll take care of the rest. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can see all of the works in the topblog‘s weekly posts. This year, it’s one piece per artist due to space constraints (maybe 2 depending on the number of exhibitors).  I recommend around $30 for sales (Bramhall’s takes only 10% as a kindness to our young artists.) The exhibit, at Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich Rd, opens May 18, 5-7PM, and runs through June 1.
Kids and parents agree to donate a painting made specially in class. I frame them, and we have a silent auction during the party. Last year we raised over $500 for Black Feather Horse Rescue. This year we benefit the Pine Barrens Alliance, so we’ll be doing beautiful Pine Barrens landscapes. Donating to the auction is completely optional, and if a kid doesn’t want to donate, it’s perfectly okay.
Everyone is welcome! We have a big party and auction at Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich Rd, on May 18, 5-7PM. Jim and I get a bunch of pizzas delivered, parents and families bring finger foods and kid drinks; Bramhall’s provides wine and beer, and we have a blast! Parents, please let me know what you plan to bring.
This list is a work in progress. I build the program from it, so I need the info ASAP.

April 7 – Exhibitors have committed to participate
Week of April 30 we start making auction items.
May 1 – or ASAP Submit info (title, price or NFS) on the pieces to be exhibited. I need this info to create programs.
Parents who want to contribute to party food and such let me know what you plan to bring. We provide pizzas, plates, napkins, etc.
May 12 – All artwork delivered to me
May 14-18 I prepare the auction and hang the show.
May 18 – 5-7 big party, opening reception & silent auction


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    Sounds great! Lula and Sky are in!

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