12th Annual Student Show!

Our 12th Annual Student Show and Auction opening party is May 22, 5-7:00pm, and hangs through May 29 at Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich Road, Plymouth. Any artist who has had classes with me any time over the past year is welcome to participate. I encourage artists to opt in ASAP, so I can determine how many works can be hung, and make the postcard.

The annual show is a great way for young artists to get a taste of what it’s like to be a professional artist, and to see their work hanging in a public place. Kids are encouraged to sell their work if they’d like. Bramhall’s gets 10% of the sales.

I need to know who is participating. Many kids assume they are, but I need confirmation from the parents. Even if an artist isn’t taking lessons right now, or only came a few times, they are still welcome to show work done with me over the past year.   I make a postcard and will start compiling images presently. Once printed, artists will get a few to distribute to friends and family.

Kids need to start thinking about the one or two paintings they’d like to display. These will need to be framed for hanging. Newbies still have time to make a few more to choose from. Once they’ve chosen the works, encourage the kids to give their paintings creative and unique titles. All you need to do is to let me know the title and price or NFS of the piece that will be shown, frame it for hanging (dollar store document frames are perfect), and deliver it to me by May 15th. I’ll take care of the rest. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can see all of the works in this blog‘s weekly posts. If they want to put a price on the work,  I recommend around $30 for sales (Bramhall’s takes only 10% commission as a kindness to our young artists.) The exhibit, at Bramhall’s, 2 Sandwich Rd, opens May 22, 5-7PM, and runs during Bramhall’s regular hours through May 29, when artwork will be picked up.

Kids and parents agree to donate a painting made specially in class. We will make them the weeks of May 3 and 10, so everyone gets a chance to make one. I frame them, and we have a silent auction during the party on May 10. This year our Noisy Silent Auction will benefit OPAK, Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids whose mission is “Empowering youth to become curious ambassadors for the environment through the arts.” We’ll be making pastel paintings of  North Atlantic Right Whales and other big marine life like seals and turtles that frequent Cape Cod Bay. Our last 2 auctions raised $1,750 for SEMPBA! A student’s donation to the auction is completely optional, and if a kid doesn’t want to donate their painting, it’s perfectly okay.

Everyone is welcome! We have a big party and auction at Bramhall’s on May 22, 5-7PM. Jim and I get a bunch of pizzas delivered, parents and families bring finger foods and kid drinks; Bramhall’s provides wine and beer if they can get the permit, and we have a blast!  Parents, please let me know what you plan to bring.


  • April 17 – Exhibitors have committed to participate
  • April 30 or ASAP  – Submit info (title, price or NFS) on the 1 or 2 pieces to be exhibited. I need this info to create programs.
  • May 3 –  We start making auction items.
  • Parents who want to contribute to party food and such let me know what you plan to bring. We provide pizzas, plates, napkins, etc.
  • May 15 – All artwork delivered to me framed and ready to hang
  • May 17-21 –  I prepare the auction and hang the show.
  • May 22 – 5-7 BIG PARTY, opening reception & noisy silent auction
  • May 29 – Pick up work at Bramhall’s

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