We’re getting ready for our annual show and charity auction Opening on May 19, 5-7:00 at Bramhall’s Country Store. This year our auction will feature horse paintings to benefit Black Feather Horse Rescue program http://www.blackfeatherhorserescue.org.

I am compiling the list of students who will be exhibiting in the show.  If you know you will be participating, let me know as soon as possible, so I can start putting together the postcard and program. If you  know the works you’re going to show, the sooner I have that into, the better. To help with decision-making, look at all of the images in the past year’s posts or visit the Top Facebook page where all of the works are posted in folders. Only work done in the past year, please.

April 1 – Commit to Show
April 7 – Titles and prices or NFS of 2 paintings to exhibit
May 10 – Paintings delivered to me
May 19 – 5:00-7:00 Opening party and silent auction at Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich St, Plymouth

Show will run for a few weeks, pickup date TBA.

Any student who has had classes with me over the past year or so is welcome to put 2 new pieces in the show. They need to be framed and ready to hang. You can get 8.5×11 document frames at the Dollar Store. This is a great way for emerging artists to see their work hanging in a public place. Artists are welcome to put a price on their work, though most chose NFS (Not for Sale). I recommend $20- $30 for the kids; Bramhall’s gets 10%.

AUCTION: In a few weeks we’ll be making paintings of horses (Last year we raised over $500 for Whale & Dolphin Conservation, and got to adopt a bunch of whales.)  Students get to learn how to use their talents to benefit the greater good.  Students don’t have to donate their work, but are encouraged to.  Starting bids are $10 per piece (except mine is $50) I take care of the framing. The works will be auctioned off at the opening on May 19.

OPENING is Friday, May 19, 5-7:00 at Bramhall’s Country Store, 2 Sandwich St, Plymouth where we have a fun party. Black Feather farm animals might even attend!  Jim and I provide a bunch of pizzas, and everyone is encouraged to sign up to bring finger foods or kids’ drinks. Bramhall’s provides complimentary beer and wine, donations appreciated.  I’ll be sending out an email with a sign up list, also posting at the blog where you can sign up in comments. I’ll provide paper plates and such.

The show will run about a month, and I’ll send out notice of the pick up date.  Work will be picked up at Bramhall’s at the show’s end.

So, let me know ASAP if you’re in. 

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