Art Update

Pardon this late update. I was enjoying a few days of summer, and managed to go the the beach, swim, and even went sailing yesterday in a Beetle Cat just like the Kite. Which reminds me to plug my book.  If you need a good summer read, Nelson Telson – The Story of a True Blue Blood is the perfect book for readers of all ages. It’s a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal winner!


Map to 20 Savery Avenue. Come down the driveway to the back door. We’re a shoe-free house, so shoes come off in the pantry, and kids come upstairs and down the hallway to the studio.  Make sure to bring a release form.  I provide all of the materials, so you don’t need to bring anything else. Dress for mess.


WEEK 5  –  Acrylic Painting 3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, August 6-8 (3 three-hour classes, $120)
Eliana Q (12)
Laura R (12)
Emma W (14)
Quinn (8)
Elizabeth on Wednesday

WEEK 6 – Crazy Art Camp  5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, Aug 12-16    (5 classes, $190) We’ll be doing clay, watercolor, pastels, acrylic painting, and painting tee-shirts.
Charlie (7)
Sophie (10)
Elaina Q (12)
Kyla Q (16)
Laura R (12)
Charlotte B Mon – Thurs

Friday Aug 9,  2-4:00, private for Ryan T
House calls to Scotty for the scallop.

I build the schedule to best serve the most. I’ll start with Tues, Weds, and Thurs, and add Monday if necessary. One of those is usually an advanced class because I have a bunch of older kids who have been with me for up to 9 years, and very mature artists. I teach ages 7 and up and occasionally make an exception for an exceptionally dedicated and well-behaved younger artist. Things usually start falling into place once school starts. If you know what day you want now, let me know, and the schedule with begin to evolve.

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