Beautiful Birds

I love to teach the masters, as we have so much to learn from them.  Mike Beeman is one of my very favorite contemporary masters. With his impressive artistry and economy of stroke, he helps me so much in my teaching.  I can use his paintings to help students understand how an artist inserts himself into the work by allowing the simplest of marks to matter so much. His work also helps me to teach about how value matters as much or more than color, and how color can be used to cause unexpected excitement in the work. At Christmastime, I rely on Mike’s Santa paintings to show the kids how we need not be so literal in our art, that suggestion and gesture work to bring about awesome beauty and enigma to the work.  Thanks, Mike!  Here are a few of Mike’s pieces.

This week was a small one, as the blizzard knocked out my Thursday classes, and I lost ten painters to the weather.

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