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I keep changing the publish date every time I update this collection of works.

I don’t only teach kids. I have a couple of awesome students who come on Wednesday mornings.  Here are their first works.  You’ll enjoy seeing their progress.  I’ll keep updating this post with new work, and you can watch their development.

Week 1 – They started in March 2016 – the good old orange lesson, and on to a simple still life.  Good job!

zacolleen1 zmichelle1

Week 2 – a little perspective and landscape basics.

zmichellewc zmichelle zcolleenwc zcolleen

Week 3 – Understanding color and values; it’s all about the value!

zmichelle-horse zcolleen-cat

Week 4 – Just to get their big brains out of the way, I had them do Matisse’s Lucien Guitry as Cyrano de Bergerac upside down.

9michelle-up   9colleen-up

Week 5 – Getting their feet wet with water and reflection

8michelle 8-colleen

Week 6 – Spring Birds (Michelle’s will be done next week, and I’ll update this post. Good job gals!


Now, on to the Girl with the Pearl…

I just love how two unique individuals can look at the same image and create their own from it.  Every artist brings his/her own uniqueness to the work.

colleen-girlpearl michelle-girlpearl

auct-michelle auct-colleenMichelle and Colleen’s auction items.

Week 9

3colleen-dog 3michelle-dog
It is so cool to see how each artist develops her own unique style.

Week 10


Week 11
Nothing like painting a beachball from life to make you have to really look at how it’s put together. Good job, gals.

1michelle-bball 1colleen-bball

Colleen and Michelle made father’s day gifts for their hubbies. True labors of love.

colleen-liam michelle-golf

9/16/16 On a perfect September morning I finally got Michelle and Colleen out for some painting en plein air. Now they’re hooked.

4michelle 4colleen 4beachgals

Beautiful September weather for plein air painting! We spent the morning down the street at the Hedge Pond. Good job, gals.

zplein-airzpleinair2 zpleinair-michelle zpleinair-colleen

It’s fun to see how the adults do when they do the same lessons as the kids.

zmichelle-dance zcolleen-dance

And they did the perspective lessons, too.  October 6, 2016 Paths to perspective. If the weather permits, we’ll go to the actual site and paint en plein air next week.

zpath-colleen zpath-michelle

10/13/2016 was a lovely day.  We went down to the actual path we painted last week, and painted it in real time. I love how these two artists’ styles show up in the work, especially in the immediacy of plein air painting.

zplien zpath

zzzcolleen zzmichelle

And I made a painting too. 🙂

zzheidisetup zzzheidi

zmichelle-bones  bones-colleen

The gals enjoy doing the weekly lessons, and they work for artists of all ages!
This week 10/28/16 they did the pumpkin color studies.
2pump-colleen   2pump-michelle




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