Covid Creative

We had our first in-studio classes after 18 weeks. We did 34 Zoom classes in the interim, and it was a very good experience for all, including me since I was basically doing a demo a day when teaching.
I  got covid creative preparing for our first week of Art Smorgasbord.
I diced up the table like a pie, and each kid had a slice with a number, and that number designated the tools, brushes, towels, etc. that they used.
We have a spray bottle of 91% alcohol that gets sprayed liberally whenever anything might be changing hands.  I put a chair in each corner so kids could take a mask break away from the table.
 I enjoy a creative challenge like this. I think we can beat this thing if we’re all very conscious and considerate.
Enjoy these artworks, and scroll down for the schedule.
Zoom35 pics

SUMMER SESSIONS – Art Smorgasbord UPDATED OFTEN as the schedule evolves
Three 2-hour classes $120. Day 1 – design and paint your new face mask while wearing a face mask, and watercolor painting. Day 2 – Acrylic painting. Day 3 – Pastel Painting.  If students aren’t signed up for a session by the Friday before, I’ll cancel the session.

WEEK 2 – Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoon, July 28-30, 1:00-3:00
Emma P
room for one more

WEEK 3 – Tues, Wed, Thurs morning, August 4-6, 10:00-noon
Full – Holl family

WEEK 4 – Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoon, Aug 11-13, 10:00-noon.
Full – Stearns, Flynn, Marks cousins

IMPORTANT COVID INFO: We wear masks, and sanitize hands upon entering the studio. We keep our masks on unless we are 6′ or more apart from others. We assume we all may have it, and protect the people around us. We keep the skylights and windows open, and the fan on. We wash our hands and the things we touch often. We’ll sanitize areas and materials as they get handled.  If someone doesn’t feel well, please stay home

Kids come in the front door and take shoes off. The decks are being built on the side and back.

No ZOOM CLASSES this week, but next week we’ll have it at the usual time of Wednesday 3:30-5:00. I’ll post the links when I schedule it.

I urge Plymouth kids to try this diversity art challenge.

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