Doodling is good!

Now that my favorite doodlers are back to school, I think it’s important to equip parents and teachers with these articles and TED Talk. Please bookmark them to use if your kid is admonished for doodling. Fact is doodlers retain more knowledge; it’s how we think, remember and learn, and teachers should get that we are not being disrespectful, and our attention, understanding, and retention is enhanced by doodling.

This article explains why:…/08/i-draw-pictures-all-…/ 
as does Sunny Brown’s TED Talk, Doodlers Unite!

Students should be encouraged to doodle.

And for the older kids, it’s proven that students who take notes by hand learn and retain much more and better, so ditch the laptop.…/attention-students-put-your-laptops-aw… .

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