Exciting developments!

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start. We’ve been toiling away next door.

We finished all of the interior painting. The carpets are in upstairs. Kitchen is almost complete. Studio flooring is going in today. Stairs won’t be in until July 20. We’ll be having a shoe-free house, so kids are welcome to bring a pair of slippers or inside footwear to leave in the entry cubby. We still need to get the exterior decks and stairs done before I can start teaching, but Jim is on the case.  That said, after I have moved all of the art stuff into the studio. I should be ready to start some summer classes first week of August, even if the kids have to come in the back door.

If you want classes in August, please reply with your preference for dates and times – mornings or afternoons, and what kind of art you are interested in. I usually do sessions of three or four 2-hour classes in a week, either mornings or afternoons. That will help me to fashion the schedule to accommodate the most, and make sure I’ve bought necessary materials. Otherwise, I’ll just create an Art Smorgasbord schedule of mornings and/or afternoons.

Enjoy these works from the last week of school.

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