Flattening the Curve

We are diligently keeping our social distance as we all should. There will be NO CLASSES at the Top for the next three weeks . I just heard Governor Baker has closed all schools for the next 3 weeks. We hope to resume the week of April 5 if scientists and epidemiologists say we are clear to do that. I hope all of my students make the most of this important time in our culture. If you hear any complaints about boredom, tell them I said to get a sketch book and sit in front of a mirror, and draw yourself. Practice for the self portraits we’re doing. Now I have no excuse not to paint, once I get my taxes done.

I like this article about social distancing as it really hits home about how we need to take care of each other, and do what’s best for the most. This can be our Finest Hour Looking on the bright side, this is a great way for kids to take on new responsibilities at home, get outside, and look at the world around them. And the planet’s getting a little break too!
Last week we started self portraits, and only Kayden finished his. This is his third selfie. It’s really validating when an artist shows me that he remembers the lessons, and uses techniques he’s learned along the way. Great job, Kayden!

Kayden 2020

2019                                  2018


THIS WEEK – No Classes. Stay healthy!

NEXT WEEK – No Classes

Hopefully we’ll resume April 7.
NOTE: I am trusting that our Annual Show Opening on May 22 will go on as planned.  Our sacrifice these next three weeks could make all the difference.

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