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Two Opportunities for learning about Oceans, Horseshoe Crabs, Ecology, Marine Science, Relativity, Environmental Responsibility, and a whole lot of other important things for humans of all ages to know.

This is where we live. The story takes place here, and each chapter has a map activity, too!

With the current state of our planet, and the coronavirus putting us in a place where teaching and learning must evolve into something practical, new and exciting, I am offering the fruits of my labors for free.

Doing my part to keep these kids educated in new and better ways, I am offering anyone who wants it links to the Teaching Nelson Telson Book and Curriculum. It’s a spiral curriculum with lots of hands-on lessons and drawing and coloring opportunities.¬† Not to worry if you don’t have the book, you can download the ebook or pdf file from the dropbox links below.¬† The curriculum folders are chapter by chapter, and there’s a very helpful Teacher Guide at the beginning of the course and Teacher Script for each chapter set.¬† All I ask of you is to write me a note or email to let me know you used it, and tell me what you think. I am also open to suggestions on how it could be even better. You can learn more about the book and curriculum here.

DOWNLOAD THE BOOK in either epub or pdf file here.
Read the book one chapter at a time, and do as much of the activity pages as you like.

GET THE CURRICULUM FOLDERS – Start here, C1-Nelson folder 00-T-Intro-TeachersGuide.pdf

If you buy the actual  book on amazon smile, you can also also help OPAK and this is the perfect segue to:


OPAK will be offering FREE Ocean Webinars daily from March 23rd-26th at 1pm Eastern Time.
We understand that a lot of families, teachers and students are transitioning to distance and online learning resources. We want to do our best to help you with this transition.
There are webinars for students in grades 2-12 with themes including Plankton, Marine Protected Areas, Ocean Adaptations and Horseshoe Crabs.

Each webinar will include follow up activities for students to complete at home, including art challenges, films, articles and science projects. We hope you can join us! All of the details can be found at


Here’s to making the most of this unique opportunity to learn in new¬†creative ways!¬†Looking forward to your comments and suggestions. – Heidi

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