Landscape Lessons – Any Medium

Last week’s classic cartoon characters were lots of fun. Copying cartoon characters is a good skill-building exercise, and it’s very meditative. The landscape works we are using this week lend themselves well to pastel, acrylic paint, oil pastel, watercolor, or whatever medium you have. Take a look at the reference pictures, and see if you can answer the quickie quiz.

We move forward with caution.  Bramhall’s is open now, but we’ll still need to figure out a safe way to have the show and auction. Stay tuned for a new date and plan. Meanwhile, think about which two paintings you’d like to exhibit.  I am starting to dream up ways to teach safely this summer with very small class size, say 4 per, mostly outside, and what measures we could take to carefully get lessons going again. Your input is welcome.

Enjoy these classic cartoon characters, and scroll down for this week’s Zoom links and reference pix.


Just click the link to join the class.

Zoom25, Tues, May 25, 3:30-5 ID: 881 3304 9856  Password: 952753

Zoom26, Wed, May 27,  3:30-5  ID: 854 8295 1608  Password: 237574

Zoom27, Thurs, May 28,  3:30-5   ID: 851 4797 1395  Password: 077270


Quickie Quiz: These landscapes all have a few things in common. What’s alike about these three paintings? In what ways do they do they differ?  We’ll answer these questions and more on zoom.

Zoom25 – Tuesday, Vinnie Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses 1889

Zoom26 – Wednesday, Gabrielle Muntor’s Jawlensky and Werefkin 1908

Zoom27 – Thursday,  Patty Baker’s Fauve Landscape is a contemporary painting.

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