Still Summer

With the summer six behind us, I’m enjoying having a couple of weeks off to tackle my long list of things to do around the house, and start planning for after school classes.  I hope to change it up a little bit this year, try some new ideas while still making sure the kids get the basic fine art training over the course of the school year. I may offer a few sessions of 4 Saturdays if enough people express interest.

Happy to report that my painting, About That Apple was sold at the PPSCC for Pastels Only 2019. I need to make more paintings.

In summertime we cut loose and try all sorts of things we don’t have time for in the winter. Because it’s summer vacation, I give kids broad artistic license and the freedom to make their own mistakes, as we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.  Last week we had a fun five-day smorgasbord where we did air-dry clay, watercolor, pastel, tee-shirts, clay painting, and acrylic painting. Kids had a great time testing the limits of mediums, tools, and applications. Enjoy this smorgasbord of artwork, and scroll down for class info.

Scotty’s Scallop

I build the schedule to best serve the most. I’ll start with Tues, Weds, and Thurs, and add Monday if necessary. One of those is usually an advanced class because I have a bunch of older kids who have been with me for up to 9 years, and very mature artists. I teach ages 7 and up and occasionally make an exception for an exceptionally dedicated and well-behaved younger artist.  If you know what day you want now, let me know, and the schedule will evolve.

The price of the Canson paper we use increased from 11.27 to $21.50 for the packs I get – a 89% increase! Terry Ludwig single pastels go for $6.60 each now, though I get some sets and freebies, too. I aim to provide the best materials for these artists, because their work deserves it. It’s fine art!  That said, I will not be raising prices this year, and will be teaching kids to conserve art materials as part of the curriculum. 🙂 I do everything in my power to keep these classes affordable at $30 per.

Minimum is 4 students, max is 8. First come first serve.

Tuesday 4-5:30


Elizabeth every other?
Dylan? (or Wed)



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