Summer Art!

Summer’s here, and I’m getting ready for the sessions, gathering up ideas and materials, taking some time to clean and organize the studio.
I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday.  Enjoy thse wonderful artworks, and scroll down for everything you need to know about summer sessions.

Weeks 3 & 4 are subject to change depending on input.  
Smorgasbord includes Backyard Naturalist nature journaling, air dry clay, watercolor or pastel and acrylic painting with popsicle breaks.

SUMMER KIDS – Be sunscreened and hatted when you come if it’s a good day for being outside. Bring a mask to wear inside. I’ll provide water and popsicles. NEWBIES make sure to bring a release form.

I am putting names here as people respond. Four or more (6 preferable, 8 max) make a class.

YES WEEK 1 – Art Smorgasbord  3 Afternoons 1-4:00 Tues-Thurs, July 13-15, (3 three-hour classes, $120)
Maddie E
Amy H
Caroline P
Megan H

 – NEW – Mini Art for small artists (ages 5 and up) Wed-Fri, July 21-23, 3-4:30 (three 1.5 hour classes $110) We’ll do Backyard Naturalist, clay, paint and pastels and maybe some finger paint and play doh too.


WEEK 3 – Art Smorgasbord 3 mornings 9-noon Tues-Thurs , July 27-29 (3 three-hour classes $120)  NOTE – I can change this to afternoon if it suits people better. Or I can go to the beach.
(Caroline P)
need 3 more, can change the time to accommodate.

WEEK 4 – This week is open, and unless I get a group of four, I’ll take it off. (Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoon 1-4:00)

YES  WEEK 5 –  Art Smorgasbord  3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, Aug 10-12 (3 three-hour classes, $120)
Caroline P
Amy H
Charlotte B
Hadley M
Reese W
Maddie E

YES  WEEK 6 – Art Smorgasbord  3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, Aug 17-19 (3 three-hour classes, $120 or Smorgasbord or any single medium )
Emily L
Amy H
Megan H
Elizabeth H
Faith H
Hadley M
Char H

I’ll cancel a session if I don’t have sufficient commitment the Friday before.

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