Weekly Update

Having a wonderful summer here at the Top. We are moving along next door getting ready for the plumber and electrician. Getting very excited about the new house/studio!

EXHIBITORS – Please, please, please pick up artworks from show. They are on the front porch next door.

NEWBIES – Make sure to bring release form to first class – click here.

You can always see new posts and student work here.

WEEK OF JULY 31, 9:30-11:30 Art Smogasbord

Three 2-hour classes, $100 (2nd sib $90) Day 1-watercolor, day 2-pastel, day 3-acrylic painting

room for a couple more

Wednesday, 2-4, Scotty private

WEEK OF AUGUST 7, Monday -Thursday, MORNING 10-noon, Art Smorgasbord 

Four 2-hour classes, $130 (2nd sib $120) Day 1-clay, day 2 watercolor, day 3 pastel, day 4 acrylic and paint clay stuff.

Emma P

WEEK OF AUGUST 14 – Will cancel unless I have 2 more by next week. Mon -Thursday, MORNING 9-11, Backyard Naturalist 2-hour classes $130 (2nd sib $120)

(Lyla, Thea, need 2 more)

Day 1 – (low tide is 11:05) Meet at little beach at the end of Atlantic St, weather permitting. We’ll walk up the hill to powwow; pickup at 18 Savery Ave. Top of the World
Day 2 – Meet at Hedge School parking lot to do pond stuff; we’ll walk back, and pick up at Savery Ave
Day 3 – Backyard at 18 Savery Avenue
Day 4 – Backyard at 18 Savery Avenue
All weather dependent, so will meet at 18 Savery Ave is weather is lousy. Kids need to know that impeccable behavior and willingness to walk a half mile is required, as we will be out in the field and walking back to the house. Kids keep their journals and pencils.

NEED 2 more for this to happen

Thurs, 8/17, 2-4 
– Scotty private

 If anyone wants classes the next week, Aug 21, contact me, and if we have 4 we’ll do it. 

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