Weekly Update

APRIL VACATIONThursday 2:00- 4:30 acrylic still life. This 2.5-hour class is happening and has plenty of room for more kids. So, please let me know if you’re interested in joining us on Thursday.  $35 (2nd sib $30).

We have postcards for the show. A couple of kids forgot theirs last week, so I have put some in the milk box for anyone who hasn’t gotten them to come get if you like. Each exhibitor gets 4 or 5. It’s a great way to invite friends and family. Just pop me an email to let me know you picked them up from the milk box out front.

SHOW UPDATE: Below is a table of the artists, artworks, and prices. All prices resolve to NFS unless I hear otherwise. It’s a cool experience for a kid to do some business with their artwork, and if someone wants to sell, I recommend $30, maybe more for advanced artists. Bramhall’s gets 10% which is very kind of them to not take a big bite of commission like many galleries do.

Please fill in the blanks. Short fun titles are good.

PARTY PLANNING: Jim and I get a bunch of pizzas delivered. We’ll provide plates and napkins. Finger foods, kid drinks, and desserts are welcome. Bramhall’s not sure about libations as usual but hopefully they’ll get an event permit for beer and wine.
Snyders –  chips and dip
McLeavy – deserts

AUCTION: Kids have been making awesome paintings of wildlife that live in and around our coastal pine barrens for our auction. Enjoy the artwork, and scroll down for next week’s schedule.

Above are auction items. Below are some easter bunnies by my twin nieces who will be five soon, and a pixilated landscape by Eve.


This Thursday, April 18, 2-4:30 we’ll be doing acrylic paintings of flowers from life, so if you want to join, let me know. So far we’ve got Kate and Sophie.

NEXT WEEK We’ll be finishing up the auction items and doing springtime art.

Tues, April 23 – Down & Dirty, 4-5:30 – Finish up auction items 

Wed, April 24– Advanced, 3:45-5:30
Sophia S
(room for one or two mature, dedicated artists)

Thurs, April 25, 4-5:30 – Down & Dirty
Emma P
This class often has room for more.

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