Weekly Update

I am happy to report that our smart and safe Covid Creative Summer Sessions continue to be successful, comfortable, and good practice of mask-wearing, mindful distancing, and sanitizing for when school starts.  If anyone has a family/friends bubble group that wants to create a regular schedule or session, let me know.


Week 4 – Stearns/Flynn/Marks bubble Tues, Wed, Thurs 10-noon

Sorry no Zoom class this week. Contact me if you want to schedule any zoom classes.

I’ve been an activist for the environment, civil rights, equal rights, etc. all of my life, and unfortunately I’m busier than ever these days. This month is about learning the real history, and celebrating those People who were marginalized, enslaved, and treated unequally, from the Native people to the Slaves brought here in 1619, and the Women Suffragettes who fought for the vote only 100 years ago. Join us – Indivisible Plymouth, Plymouth Area League of Women Voters, Plymouth No Place for Hate, and the Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe – as we gather on August 20, 6-7:00 at Brewster Garden. Wear a mask, and bring a handmade sign. Kids are encouraged to make signs too, and they could enter them in the Diversity Art Challenge.


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