What a Show!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the friends and family who came to the opening, donated food and drinks, and bid on the auction. Thanks to the generosity of the kids, we raised $650 for the Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance. The show hangs through this Friday, so get over to Bramhall’s Country Store and enjoy a cone while you view awesome artworks. We are most grateful to Bramhall’s for their generous hospitality and perfect venue.  Work can be picked up on Friday at Bramhall’s. On Friday afternoon I will pick up any works that are left, and bring back to the Top. People can pick up those works from the front porch.

My phone was being used for music so I completely forgot to take pictures. I swiped these from facebook. Thanks, Lisa and Melissa.

AUCTION CLOSEOUT:  These lucky winners need to write a check to SEMPBA (or bring cash) and get their winnings. Please share this with the people on the list so I can close out the auction and hand over the donation.  Contact me to arrange pick up and pay.
Margaret Rosenbaum – Lincoln’s King Bird – $25
Melissa Sieminski – Cait’s Sphinx Moth – $35
Lynn Bastoni – Eve’s Cooter – $30
Charlie McLeavy – Michaela’s Cooter – $15
Loychai McLeavy – Sophia’s Warbler – $25
Helen Petrillo – Bree’s Bunny – $15
Martha Pesa – Emma’s Cooters – $20
Stephanie Rogers – Charlie’s Bluejay – $20


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