Zoom Class Reference and Links

We had our first Zoom lesson today, and it was great. Zoom gave us unlimited time so we were able to go an hour. We had 11 students. Use the links below to attend tomorrow and or Thursday at 4:00. We’ll do something different each lesson, and I welcome suggestions.

When people share their work, I’ll post it in each update here.  Enjoy these works, and scroll down for the REFERENCE pictures for tomorrow and Thursday.


Working from a still life was hard, so we’ll use pictures.

COME PREPARED – WEDNESDAY’S REF – Download this picture to use as reference.

Got this and flipped it and thank the artist who first did it.


Download this and use it Thursday.

ZOOM CLASS SCHEDULE – Everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, April 1, 4:00-4:40 

Thursday, April 2, 4:00-4:40

Plan on Tues, Wed, Thurs same time next week.

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