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Mission Statement


I love making things, and making things happen.  The seeds of creation are within every one of us, and it's my mission to grow those seeds and actualize my own garden, and to help others actualize their limitless potential.

Just as I excitedly persue many interests, I have a mission, including but not limited to:


  • Be the best teacher I can be
  • Make art; get lost in the act of creation
  • Develop an exciting spiral curriculum for my book, Nelson Telson: The Story of a True Blue Blood
  • Sell a million books
  • Use my talents to help others recognize theirs
  • Understand the concept of forgiveness in an organic way
  • Assist others who desire to be ethanol-free
  • Help people realize their true nature
  • Have fun

This mission statement is a dynamic, ever-changing to do list!