As many of you know, my daughter was in the US Army for 26 years. During that time I created PeaceThings, and did all I could to support her many deployments and the soldiers under her leadership.
More recently I have been keeping in touch with a Ukrainian soldier, Alex, a mechanical engineer with the 67th Brigade (google them to learn more) and offering an ear and whatever support I can. With our congress as divided as it is, our speaker taking orders from trump/putin (no caps for them) rather than the American people, and the extreme disinformation on social media, the resulting lack of funding for Ukraine’s defense against the horrendous attack on their country – and democracy worldwide – is unconscionable.
When I learned a few days ago that his team’s food supply was attacked by russian troops, and they don’t expect to get another supply until late March, I asked Alex if there was any way for them to get care packages or material support. He pointed me to the account of the wife of his team leader.
Being a very careful internet user, I was hesitant at first as I didn’t feel I had sufficient info, so I contacted Jayne Cartwright, and have received a couple emails from her that completely validate the PayPal account and what she’s doing to help her husband’s team. See her emails below.
Bottom line: I will do anything I can to help these soldiers, and the one thing I can do is share Jayne’s PayPal link in hopes of generating support for them. Since our hapless congress refuses to move on this, we can help by donating here .

Since these images don’t always show up in mobile view, here’s the email from Feb 20:
Hi Heidi, may I thank you on behalf of the soldiers your donation is really appreciated. I understand you have reservations as there are so many scams out there but I can reassure you that these guys are 100% genuine. Although I can only give some information out I can tell you that currently they are raising funds for Drone Jamming technology. The Unit has been at the forefront of innovation with the prime objective to save as many lives as possible. They are part of the 67th Brigade and have been involved in some of the fiercest fighting, Many of these men are not career soldiers and come from all walks of life, which gives them an edge on coming up with ways to avoid losses. My husband is a person who can be trusted and cares so much for the men under is leadership he is an officer that much I can tell you and the men are his first and only priority.If you are happy to help raise funds for them that would be great, i hope this helps calm your worries and that the guys use every dollar donated for the equipment they need to win this war and are actively working on new tech to ensure this victory is won!

Once again thank you for reaching out and if there is anything else I can help with please let me know.

Thank you 


Feb 21 Email from Jayne Cartwright
Thank you so much Heidi, you have no idea how it affects the soldiers too, they know without vital help orcs could win. It’s heartbreaking to see what is happening but these guys are 100% Ukrainian and I know some even took part in The Maiden revolution so they are all fiercely defending their homeland.I will share more info with you as and when I can but some of these guys are high profile and the risk is too high as they still have families in Ukraine. You will be helping one of the best units they are fantastic guys and once this war is over they hope to meet some of their donors too!