Rubber & Glue

Nobody’s perfect.  I think the biggest challenge in living forgiveness is owning the fact that lingering feelings of resentment persist because one hasn’t seen clearly how the entire dynamic of harm and victimization is circular and, if continuously engendered (which is something the mind seems to do naturally to flex the ego’s muscle),  ends up right back in the lap of the aggrieved (you) – kind of an “I’m rubber, you’re glue” spiritual situation.

Not only do we need to let go and forgive the perp, more importantly, we need to forgive ourselves for falling into the trap!

I ran across this video with Wayne Dyer and Nick Ortner about tapping for forgiveness, and I’ve been doing it every time my big one pops in. The tapping part starts at 15:40 in the video.

I like being able to take action with something that seemed to be controlling me.  It really does help soften and release these deep feelings.  Make sure to forgive yourself for being such a schmutz, too.

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