I am very excited to announce that the Teaching Nelson Telson curriculum development is running along smoothly. At this point we are going through the book, chapter by chapter, and creating wonderful activities to get kids thinking beyond the word. We are part of a 501 (c3) organization Huck-Fin Environmental Education. Check it out.

Here’s a coloring page for your enjoyment.


8 thoughts on “Curriculum

  1. Have you ever looked at getting a Renaissance Place ( AR Reading ) quiz written for this ? My students would love it !

    I have introduced the book to many 3rd & 4th graders in the past 3 years…

  2. Nope, but I am certainly open to it. I just googled, and can’t find much out. Wonder who I’d contact.
    Also, if you send me an email I will send you the dropbox link to the full curriculum.

      1. Hi Heidi,
        Thank you so much. I did not receive an email from you. Do you have an email address I can reach you at?

  3. Hello Heidi,

    I was referred to you in class yesterday by Lars.
    I ordered your book for one of our adult children, she will absolutely love this book.
    Thank You,

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