On to week 3 – Mask Making!

I’m up in my air conditioned studio starting a painting (well, at least I’ve set up), and planning for Week 3’s Mask Making. We are very glad we had those ductless mini splits installed when we were building this house. The weather is just fine at the Top of the World!
We had a great three days of Art Smogasbord last week, and the kids did some awesome artwork.  Summer’s going too fast.

There’s still time to sign up for this really cool week of designing and creating masks.  Ages 10 and up unless I make an exception, this Monday through Friday, 1-4:00 PM.  I love making things that are not only creative challenges, but also something that will be useful and reusable, especially come Halloween. I can’t wait to make a new mask this week!

My mask from last time

Enjoy the pictures from last week, and scroll down for the Summer update.

Ryan’s first ever pastel painting with me, flowers from the garden!

WEEK 3  -Mask Making Jul 22-26 (ages 10 and up unless I make an exception) 5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, July 22-26    (5  three-hour classes, $200)
Emma P (12)
Tessa C (12)
Dylan (10)
Hope to get a couple more kids for this awesome workshop where we take ideas and designs and learn the process to create and then paint and adorn original masks.

WEEK 4  Art Smorgasbord – watercolor, pastel, acrylic
I have one kid interested in doing this week. If four people want it, I will do Tues, Wed & Thurs, 9-noon ($120) Otherwise, I’m looking forward to taking a week off.

WEEK 5  –  Acrylic Painting 3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, August 6-8 (3 three-hour classes, $120)
Eliana Q (12)
Laura R (12)
Emma W (14)
Quinn (8)

WEEK 6 – Crazy Art Camp  5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, Aug 12-16    (5 classes, $190) We’ll be doing clay, watercolor, pastels, acrylic painting, and painting tee-shirts.
Charlie (7)
Sophie (10)
Elaina Q (12)
Kyla Q (16)
Laura R (12)

Friday Aug 2, Aug 9,  2-4:00, private for Ryan T

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