Yay for Summer!

Last week of classes until the Summer!
Some have expressed interest in summer sessions, but no one has committed yet. So, please if you want something or plan on attending, let me know formally. At this point, the schedule is merely suggestions. Things have an amazing way of falling into place. So, Let me know if you have a group that would like a special session, and I’ll modify the schedule to accommodate.

Some kids are doing the Young Voices horseshoe crab art competition. I have registration forms for Scotty and Tessa, but still need them from Lincoln and Sophia. You can fill it out and take a pic with your phone and send it to me. Deadline is June 15.

Enjoy this smattering of last week’s artwork, and scroll down for the schedule.

THIS WEEK – We’ll be celebrating the end of school this week en plein air (weather permitting) with pastels and popsicles.

Tues, June 11 – Down & Dirty, 4-5:30

Wed, June 12 – Advanced, 3:45-5:30
Sophia S

Thurs, June 13, 4-5:30 – Down & Dirty
Emma P

Yay! School’s out!

SUMMER SIX – In order for a session to happen, I’ll need at least 3 students signed up.  I always make my schedule based on demand. A deposit of 50% holds your place. If I have to cancel due to lack of interest, I’ll tear up your check. otherwise deposit is non-refundable.

Art Smorgasbord includes Backyard Naturalist nature journaling, air-dry clay sculpting, acrylic and watercolor painting, and pastel too, with a daily popsicle break. We will be outside as much as possible.

If you have a group of friends/family who would like to create a session, let me know, and I’ll modify the schedule. If someone would like me to change a session from morning to afternoon or vise versa, or from smorgasbord to a single medium that can happen this early in the game.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – subject to change depending on input
WEEK 1 – Art Smorgasbord
 – 4 Mornings 9-noon, Mon-Thurs, July 8-11, (4 three-hour classes, $150)  clay, watercolor, pastel, acrylic 
WEEK 2 – Art Smorgasbord
 – 3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, July 16-18 (3 three-hour classes, $120) clay, watercolor, acrylic
Mask Making or Crazy Art Camp – 5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Thurs, July 22-26   (5 three-hour classes, $200) or Smorgasbord or any single medium  (5 three-hour classes, $190)
WEEK 4 – Adult & Kid Pastel Painting – 3 Mornings 9-noon Tues-Thurs, July 30-Aug 1. Kids and parents learn together as we create still life, landscape and wildlife paintings. (Adult/kid pair $190, 2nd sib 90)
WEEK 5 – Acrylic Painting – 3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs,  Aug 6-8
WEEK 6 – Crazy Art Camp – Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, Aug 12-16 (5 three-hour classes, $200) or Smorgasbord or any single medium  5-three-hour classes, $190)
FRIDAYS – Starting July 19, 2:00-4:00 – Ryan T., private lesson

Email me it you have any questions. CLICK HERE FOR THE SIGN-UP FORM

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