On to Week 2

Week 1 of the Summer Six was a blast. Over the course of 4 mornings we did air-dry clay, watercolor, pastel, and on the last day painted our clay stuff and made acrylic paintings.

Week 2 is a 3-day smorgasbord, Tues through Thursday 1-4:00 doing clay, watercolor and acrylic. Four kids signed up, so there’s room for a couple latecomers.

Next week is Mask-Making. I have three signed up, so can definitely handle a few more in this 5-day project that takes us from design through production and finishing.
Enjoy these awesome artworks from last week’s smorgasbord, and scroll down for the entire schedule.


SUMMER UPDATE  There is room for more in all of these sessions. Max is 8 kids.

WEEK 2  – Art Smorgasbord  3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, July 16-18 (3 classes $120)
Elena N
Elizabeth H
Brooke M (13)
Charlotte B

WEEK 3  -Mask Making (ages 10 and up unless I make an exception) 5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, July 22-26    (5  three-hour classes, $200)
Emma P (12)
Tessa C (12)
Dylan (10)
Hope to get a couple more kids for this awesome workshop where we take ideas and designs and learn the process to create and then decorate original masks.

WEEK 4  – 
Since no one signed up for the adult-kid session, this can change to accommodate a group or I’ll just enjoy a week off.

WEEK 5  –   Acrylic Painting 3 Afternoons 1-4:00, Tues-Thurs, August 6-8 (3 three-hour classes, $120)
Eliana Q (12)
Laura R (12)
Emma W (14)
Quinn (8)

WEEK 6 – Crazy Art Camp  5 Afternoons 1-4:00, Mon-Fri, Aug 12-16    (5 classes, $190)
Charlie (7)
Sophie (10)
Elaina Q (12)
Kyla Q (16)
Laura R (12)

Friday July 19, Aug 2, Aug 9,  2-4:00, private for Ryan T

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