#4 Not Counting

HSM (Hello Sunday Morning) is doing the counting for me, but I am staying away from counting. It’s not one day at a time, it’s NOW and no thank you. I strongly feel that counting days and weeks can be a set up for failure. The 12-step model sets people up for a lifetime of wondering if they’re going to “relapse” so they never know for sure they’re truly successful until the day they die.
I’m truly done drinking, so no need to count. When someone asks me “how long?” I just say, “Now is good. I’m a non-drinker now.” And another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that it’s only the people who are concerned with their own drinking that ask that question. It’s often the people who would like to see you fail so you can remain in their camp. That question is really not a question at all, it’s a bit of sabotage – it’s a statement that expects sacrifice, self-denial, and potential failure.
Instead of counting days and weeks, I am counting all of the wonderful benefits of being a non-drinker, like money unspent, clarity, productivity, memory, health, enjoyment…
Not counting, and truly enjoyed my first alcohol free Thanksgiving in around 40 years. 🙂

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