Try Dry July!

I am so grateful to be free and clear. Never in my earlier life would I have imagined ever not drinking, and here I am into my 4th year of freedom from that burden. So, whenever the opportunity arises to share something that might help others, I do it, which is why I’m a Naked Mind affiliate.

I always thought drinking helped me relax, but now that I’m free I enjoy true relaxation.

For those of you who haven’t gotten free and naked yet, but are here hoping to change your relationship with ethanol, this is an affordable opportunity to participate in a live Alcohol Experiment. A bit of brain re-washing might just do the trick for you.

Annie Grace is excited to be preparing for another “LIVE Alcohol Experiment starting July 1st! “Dry July” is the perfect time for people to try out the Alcohol Experiment and we only have LIVE ones a few times each year. The LIVE is a chance for people to go through the Alcohol Experiment in a closed Facebook group with coaches who will go live each day to answer questions on the daily material. It is truly amazing!
Enrollment for this July LIVE Experiment is open now through July 1st at 6PM P” Click here to sign up.

Here’s to a free and clear summer!

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