Freedom in the Time of Covid

Greetings from the delinquent blogger. I just celebrated my 68th birthday – which was my 5th free and clear birthday. If you had asked me 6 years ago if I thought I’d ever stop drinking, the answer would have been No! But I did, and now not drinking is just ordinary, and not a big deal at all. 

I’m the type who tends to move on once something has been resolved, which is why I haven’t been driven to post much these past couple of years. But I’ve had this post in the back of my mind since the Covid19 hit, and Annie Grace just sent me some info, so there’s no time like the present!

The frustration and feelings of hopelessness we can feel watching the news, being hold up in quarantine, and acclimating to the general creepiness, can easily be manipulated by that little monster if it hasn’t been completely starved to death, or if you’re starting to believe some of the rumblings of a cranky mind. I feel really lucky that despite all of the insanity in the world, drinking has not come up as a possible coping strategy.  I am, however, aware of when my brain wants to say fuck it, and smoke a cigarette.

Losing a couple of loved ones and not being able to celebrate their lives among friends and family, not knowing when I can get back to normal with my work with kids, and just that hard-to-explain feeling of frustration you get reading or watching the news or getting groceries, and dealing with uncertainty can be disconcerting. I find that taking seven long, slow, deep breaths always helps to bring me into the present. Take those breaths and ask yourself if everything is okay in this moment. It is! I am also very grateful for the good life of abundance and creativity that I live. Keeping track of all that you’re grateful for is good medicine, too.

When an urge happens, it’s because you want to feel different, you want to change it up, and paradoxically land in a familiar place. But we all know, that particular familiar place is no where we want to go. We want to be clear and present to the challenges we are facing. So if that little beast is trying to sell you on escaping what might feel like hopelessness or simple discomfort, don’t buy it. If you are still drinking or said fuck it, and took it up again, there’s still plenty of hope. 

Annie Grace is offering a July 30-Day LIVE Alcohol Experiment, and it’s an economical way to commit to changing the way you think about drinking – to re-wash your brain. Hundreds of people have done the 30-Day Experiment with good results. It costs $49, and you get saturated with helpful materials like: a complete mindset shift with short videos before the experiment even starts, Daily video content, A helpful community, Powerful daily coaching with live group, video, and email. Check out the link, and see if it’s for you. We’re all in this together. Here’s to your health!

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