Yikes, last night I wrote here for the first time in ages, and here I am the very next day. This morning I realized I hadn’t mentioned a couple powerful and timely options. Having ignored this space for over a year and a half, I re-read some earlier posts and am just amazed at how fortunate and grateful I am that I recorded what was going on over that period. The journaling itself was a big part of my support system, and I recommend it to anyone thinking about changing their deal with ethanol. Just putting it in writing so you can read it occasionally as you move forward is very effective.

About That Apple – So many options, choose the best ones.

I’ve known a lot of people (including myself) who’d get plastered over the holidays, and decide to change their habits in the new year. Those kinds of resolutions often fail because the subconscious mind is running the show and, believe it or not, the addiction is actually being strengthened by our good intentions! It’s so confusing and frustrating. But, help is here.

In the years since I stopped, Annie and the peeps at This Naked Mind have evolved some very effective programs. The most powerful, Live 30 Day Alcohol Experiment, has helped more than 400,000 people to get free. I wish the Experiment had been around when I was stopping because it would have been so helpful during those first days and weeks. I would have happily paid for it.

So, if you desire change but just don’t know how or where to start, register now for the January 2023 experiment. It’s half price at $47 for a month-long program with additional access to the valuable universe of Naked Mind support and resources. Only two weeks left to register. Go for it!

Happy Free and Clear New Year!
And please share this if you know someone who might benefit.

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