Free and Clear Summer

As I mentioned in my last post (a year ago, forgive me), I tend to move on once I’ve accomplished something and it becomes integrated in my everyday life. So now, it seems I mark my free and clear time with birthdays and holidays, and when Annie Grace sends me a reminder of programs she’s offering. Having recently celebrated my 6th free and clear birthday, I’m logging on to tell anyone who is still struggling that there is hope, and there is help. Read on.

Ready to take the leap?
As a former addict of ethanol, I know just how hard it was to finally take that initial leap into freedom. The heat of summer often adds to those sneaky cues deep down in your subconscious brain. Awareness, encouragement, and support can really help. If you think you might be ready to interrupt your patterns around drinking, you could benefit from This Naked Mind’s Live Alcohol Experiment starting July 1, and leave it to me to do an 11th-hour posting about this…

Switchflipper Update: My cocktail of choice these days is sparkling water with Kin High Rhode (it’s expensive but I’m worth, and have a subscription and haven’t gotten tired of it yet) with a splash of craft tonic such as Fever Tree cucumber, lemon or elderflower. I think having a tasty alternative to booze has been a big factor in my success. Recipe: fill glass 2/3rds with sparkling water, an ounce or two High Rhode, and add a splash of flavored tonic – yummy! I still have my fallback soda/tonic/juniper/bitters drink now and then too.

Switchflipper Deluxe!

Summer Reading
And since I’m finally getting around to making a post, I might as well promote my book, Nelson Telson – The Story of a True Blue Blood.
It’s a story written for middle readers, and grownups love it too. I am very lax with marketing my book, and when summer rolls around I’m reminded of my duties. It even won a Readers’ Choice gold medal award! So, if you enjoy a good story filled with good science, drama, fantasy, and philosophy, or know a reader who’d enjoy it, you can get it on amazon.


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