#8 Switchflippers, anyone?

Just because we’ve stopped drinking ethanol, doesn’t mean we have to ignore cocktail time.  I’m living it up! What better way to make fun diversion at cocktail time than to make switchflipper (mocktail) concoctions? It’s been a few months now, and I have watched my mocktail-making evolve from some pretty wild concoctions to a few go-to flavors that never fail.  I also don’t call them mocktails anymore; that’s an insult.  I was a Bombay Gin drinker – on the rocks, nothing else – not sapphire, the queen’s kind, so I like nuances of flavor in my drink. I also love making up the names for them.

Most recipes I found online wanted a simple syrup of some sort, but the sugar was too much for me. Best ingredients to always have on hand are: organic lemon juice, cayenne pepper, orange bitters, angostura bitters, apple cider, dry ginger beer, and seltzer water. I also really like this Kombucha Wonder Drink I get at the grocery store Traditional and Asian Pear are my faves. I dilute everything with seltzer.

More recently I have graduated to Q tonic and Juniper Berry extract – it’s yummy! Also St. John’s Wort tea has a somewhat bitter flavor and is very good at taking the edge off. Though I haven’t tried it as a switchflipper, it would probably make a good base. I also like Fentiman’s Dandelion & Burdock – botanially brewed, that I found at the health food store.  It’s not too sweet and has complex flavor. You’ll find lots of switchflipper recipes here.

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