#10 The Joy that Passes All Understanding

A huge benefit of not using ethanol that keeps popping up for me, is that “the peace that passes all understanding” is so much more evident in my everyday life.  In this Eckhart Tolle clip, he says sometimes it takes losing everything (similar to the idea of “hitting rock bottom” to finally cease poisoning onself) to experience this because it’s so close to us we fail to see it until everything is stripped away.
We hear that phrase at funerals – the peace that passeth all understanding – because there’s no more physical to get in the way. 🙂 But we have it here and now too, because it is the essence of life itself before birth, during life, and like they say at the funeral, beyond this life.
I’m seeing a new consciousness around ethanol; we’re finding we don’t need to lose everything or “hit rock bottom” to rise above the fray and experience that joy.  All we need to do is stop creating blocks between us and our true nature.
I’m finding that just by dropping the sense-deadening substance and regaining clarity, that Joy is right there all of the time, and just pops in to remind me that this is our true nature – what we are at the core beyond this physical daily life.  A little silent meditation is good too.  Happy hangover-free Sunday!

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