The Truth about Alcohol

I’m a big believer in using every resource available until you reach the tipping point to freedom; to saturate yourself in the material until you’ve re-washed your brain; to get as much community as you need for support, and even pay if a program seems like a good fit for you.  

If you’ve read my earlier blogs where I journaled my process during those first weeks and months, you’ll know that I had to change my language around the whole business in order to escape the popular cultural myths and grim misconceptions about ethanol addiction (see Liquid Language post). But when assisting people to get free, we sometimes need to use those creepy, misleading words like alcoholic and sobriety to reach people who are searching for help. 

Lee Davy’s The Truth About Alcohol does just that. A few months back, I was interviewed by Lee for his podcast series (links below and in Resources). Lee recently contacted me about becoming an affiliate of his program and of course I accepted. He offers a nice console of tools to help people get free, a friendly community, a no bullshit approach, and is now offering a 3-month training course. I love his motto: We are not alcoholics and we refuse to be anonymous! 

At first I was a little wary about the cost of his programs, but he assured me that experience has proven that people who invest in their freedom from addiction are much more likely to stick with it and have success. There’s also a lot of free content like his blog and the STRIVE Community Forum.

Here are the links, and here’s to your success! 

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